Milan Lasica

Milan Lasica photo
Actor, director and screenwriter

The playwright, actor, writer and songwriter, director, comedian and host was born in Zvolen, Slovakia, in 1940 and he graduated in dramaturgy from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He started by writing auteur dialogues and sketches for himself and his comedy partner Július Satinský, breaking all the rules of realistic theatre. His dramatic work was inspired by Czech comedians Voskovec & Werich and Miroslav Horníček. The humour of the Lasica-Satinský duo consists in discussing trite situations and pushing them to absurdity.  He has also written numerous plays, books and lyrics. Since 1982, he has been running the Štúdio L+S theatre in Bratislava.
Apart from theatre, he has used his intellectual acting skills in many unforgettable films, for example in Hurry, He's Coming!; Yes, My Dear Friends!; The Three Veterans; Saturnin; Traps; I Served the King of England, and Hanele. His solo career of a television and film actor launched with Ján Lacko's independent film Vždy možno začať in 1961 and up to now, Lasica has portrayed dozens of roles, mostly comedic and satirical.
Milan Lasica to receive at the opening of Prague IFF – Febiofest the Kristian Award 2020 for lifetime achievement.

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý