Viktor Tauš

Viktor Tauš photo

Czech director, producer and actor Viktor Tauš was born in 1973 and began studying documentary filmmaking at FAMU in 1992. His works include the partly autobiographical Canary (1999), the comedy Snowdrops and Aces After 25 Years (2008) or his film Clownwise (2013) which was nominated for Czech Lioan Awards by Czech Film Academy and for Awards of Czech Film Critics. Between 2004 and 2011 he also directed advertisements. His works as producer include the movies The House (2011, directed by Zuzana Lilová), Honeymoon (2013, Jan Hřebejk), the trilogy Garden Store (2017, also Hřebejk) and Red Captain (2016, Michal Kollár). He made the acclaimed crime series Blue Shadows (2016) for Czech Television.