You Will Die at 20

You Will Die at 20

Original title: You Will Die at 20
Director: Amjad Abu Alala
Cast: Islam Mubarak, Mustafa Shehata, Moatasem Rashed, Mahmoud Alsarraj, Bonna Khalid, Mustafa Shehata
Country: Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Qatar
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 105
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English, Czech
Sales: Pyramide International
Section: Main Competition

When a little boy named Muzamil is born in a small village in the Al Jazirah province in Sudan, a local prophet forecasts that he will die at the age of twenty. Muzamil's father cannot bear his son's curse and leaves the family. Muzamil lives only with his overly anxious mother and they both try to find the balance between growing up and the inescapable awareness of the end. The time flies mercilessly with tense expectation of the day of the boy's 19th birthday...

Amjad Abu Alala

The Sudanese director and producer was born in the UAE where he graduated from college and worked as a documentary director for Western as well as Arabic televisions. He has made numerous short films which are considered the new start of Sudanese cinema and were successful at many festivals. His feature debut, You Will Die at 20, premiered at Venice IFF and Toronto IFF.

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