Unknown Soldier

Drama, War

Unknown Soldier

Original title: Tuntematon sotilas
Director: Aku Louhimies
Screenplay: Aku Louhimies, Jari Olavi Rantala
Director of Photography: Mika Orasmaa
Editor: Ben Mercer
Music: Lasse Enersen
Print source: CinemArt a.s.
Country: Finland
Year of production: 2017
Length (min): 135
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: CinemArt a.s.
Section: Světla severu
Genre: Drama, War
Sponsors: Skandinávský dům, z. s.

In the early days of the Second World War, Finland chooses to strike a deal with the Nazis in order to regain land lost to the Russians. We're with the soldiers down in the forest trenches on the front line, facing Soviet tanks and having propaganda blown at them – while the Finnish are armed only with weapons carried by hand. The biggest grossing Finnish film ever is both grand and explosive, highly aesthetic and warm at heart like its foot soldiers.

With support

Skandinávský dům, z. s.

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