The Smallest Elephant in the World

Picture The Smallest Elephant in the World

The Smallest Elephant in the World

Original title: Nejmenší slon na světě
Director: Libor Pixa
Cast: Jan Vondráček
Country: Czech Republic
Year of production: 2018
Length (min): 52
Language: Czech
Sales: Česká televize
Section: Generation

Béďa might be an elephant, but he hasn't grown much yet. His mom tells him being small has its perks, but she hasn't said which ones. Together with his friend, hyrax Eda, he must try even harder to catch up with his elephant friends. They enjoy adventures that teach them to trumpet their trunks, shake off fear, and meet other animals of the African savannah. A Czech 3D animated bed-time story by Libor Pixa (Graffitiger, Car Fairy Tales). /// ENGLISH UNFRIENDLY

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