The Lovers on the Bridge

The famous Pont-Neuf in Paris is under reconstruction. Alcoholic Alex lives under this bridge. Painter Michèle, who is slowly losing her sight, ends up living on the streets after a series of unfortunate events. When they meet one night, a strong bond forms between them. Their mutual love offers them a refuge in their desolate situation. The making of the film was afflicted by numerous difficulties and bad luck, including Denis Lavant's injury, leading to endless delays and financial losses.
Director: Leos Carax
Screenplay: Leos Carax
Director of Photography: Jean-Yves Escoffier
Editor: Nelly Quettier
Producer: Christian Fechner
Sales: Tamasa Distribution
Original title: Les amants du Pont-Neuf
Country: France
Year of production: 1991
Length (min): 125
Language: French
Subtitles: Czech
Section: Profil: Leos Carax

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