The Last Family

Drama, Biography

The Last Family

Original title: Ostatnia rodzina
Director: Jan P. Matuszynski
Screenplay: Robert Bolesto
Director of Photography: Kacper Fertacz
Editor: Przemyslaw Chruscielewski
Music: Atanas Valkov
Print source: Aerofilms s.r.o.
Country: Poland
Year of production: 2016
Length (min): 122
Language: Polish
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Aerofilms s.r.o.
Section: Nová Evropa
Genre: Drama, Biography
Sponsors: Polský institut v Praze, Scope100

Despite his fame, the Surrealist painter Zdzislaw Beksinski lives in seclusion in a housing estate in Warsaw, surrounded only by relatives. His life revolves around art, sado-masochistic fantasies, family funerals, music, and his beloved camera which captures everything. Directed by J.P. Matuszynsky, the film chronicle of an unusual family, based on a true story, was the winner of the third year of the Scope100 European project and is one of the most remarkable debuts of 2016.

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