Suzie in the Garden

Picture Suzie in the Garden

Suzie in the Garden

Original title: Zuza v zahradách
Director: Lucie Sunková
Screenplay: Lucie Sunková
Country: Czech Republic
Year of production: 2022
Length (min): 13
Language: Czech
Sales: Pilot Film
Section: Generation Junior

Pre-film of Mimi and Liza - The Garden; EN Unfriendly

Suzie is a little girl who goes with her mum and dad to a garden colony outside the city. One day she meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden. Who lives there? Suzie is a little scared. But what do you do when you’re afraid of someone but you find their key on the way?

Lucie Šimková-Sunková

Czech screenwriter, director, animator and illustrator, Lucie Sunková has directed a number of short, animated films, including V kleci (In the Cage, 1998), The Portrait (2002), and The Tree (2014). Suzie in the Garden, created using her favorite glass painting technique, was included in the program of this year’s Berlinale.

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