Original title: Shirley
Director: Josephine Decker
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Odessa Young, Michael Stuhlbarg, Logan Lerman
Country: United States
Year of production: 2020
Length (min): 107
Language: English
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Cornerstone Films Limited
Section: Profile: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Sponsors: Skandinávský dům

Fred and Rose are happy newlyweds; that is until they move in with an odd couple: novelist Shirley Jackson and literary critic and professor Stan Hyman. While Shirley has a constant need to feed her rampant horror fantasy, Rose finds herself in a strange spiral of the writer’s bizarre desires without which Shirley cannot create. Inspired by the personality of the author of The Haunting of Hill House, this star-studded, captivating spectacle subversively plays with the traditional themes of female friendship and motherhood.

Josephine Decker

he London native is an actress by profession, but she got behind the camera soon after her theatrical debut and has made almost twenty short and feature-length films to date. She made her debut with the horror film Butter on the Latch (2013). With Shirley, she won several awards, including an award from the Sundance Film Festival, where the film premiered.

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