Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith

Mold patterns resembling fireworks, incredible plant choreographies, and the unexpected magic of a bee feeding on nectar from flowers. Cinematic pioneer F.Percy Smith managed to capture nature's beauty under the microscope in such a timeless manner that it captivates audiences even a hundred years later. He also inspired Stuart Staples (Tindersticks) to compose a new soundtrack, thus bringing to life a meditative and hypnotic audiovisual tribute.
Director of Photography: F. Percy Smith
Editor: David Reeve, Stuart A. Staples
Music: tindersticks with Thomas Belhom and Christine Ott
Producer: Stuart A. Staples, David Reeve
Sales: British Film Institute
Director: Stuart A. Staples
Original title: Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith
Country: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2016
Length (min): 55
Language: No dialogue
Section: Off program

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