Little Garden Under the Stars

Family, Puppet

Little Garden Under the Stars

Original title: Zahrádka pod hvězdami
Director: Martin Otevřel
Screenplay: Martina Komárková, Martin Otevřel
Director of Photography: Ivan Vít
Editor: Michal Podhradský
Music: Jan Hrubý
Print source: Česká televize
Country: Czech Republic
Year of production: 2017
Length (min): 51
Language: Czech
Sales: Česká televize
Section: Generace
Genre: Family, Puppet
Sponsors: Česká televize

A Czech animator who was creating cartoons for German TV until a short time ago is returning to young audiences in the Czech Republic. His seven-part puppet bedtime story tells an alternative tale from the childhood of Jesus, as if he'd lived like a boy in a Czech village. His small everyday miracles help his parents, animals in the woods, and even the grumpy neighbor.

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