Life Feels Good

Mateusz, suffering from Cerebral Palsy, was diagnosed as mentally retarded while a child and locked away. Yet it is worth living at least for such miracles as stars and female breasts. The winning film of the Montreal Film Festival also became the most popular film of the festival's viewers.
Director: Maciej Pieprzyca
Screenplay: Maciej Pieprzyca
Director of Photography: Pawel Dyllus
Music: Bartosz Chajdecki
Sales: Intramovies
Print source: Tramway - Studio Filmowe
Original title: Chce sie zyc
Country: Poland
Year of production: 2013
Length (min): 107
Language: Polish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Soutěž Nová Evropa
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: Polský institut v Praze

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