Kissing Candice

Candice lives in a gloomy seaside town and desperately wants to get away. Her lively dreams and imagination are her only solace. When she meets a man who looks exactly like a character from her visions, things start improving, until Candice finds out the man is a member of a dangerous gang. This compelling mix of harsh reality and hallucinogenic visions is the first feature by the music video director Aoife McArdle.
Sales: Film Constellation
Director: Aoife McArdle
Screenplay: Aoife McArdle
Director of Photography: Steve Annis
Editor: Dan Sherwen
Music: Jon Clarke
Producer: Andrew Freedman, Sally Campbell
Original title: Kissing Candice
Country: Ireland
Year of production: 2017
Length (min): 103
Language: English
Subtitles: Czech
Section: Nová Evropa

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