Kings and Queen

Two parallel story lines follow the lives of a freshly divorced couple, Nora and Ismael. While Nora deals with a serious illness and then her father's death, Ismaël tries to escape a psychiatric ward where he was accidentally placed. Similar to Desplechin's other films, this conversation drama with subtle undertones of humor and irony is a meditation on the meaning of life and the nature of interpersonal relationships.
Director: Arnaud Desplechin
Screenplay: Arnaud Desplechin, Roger Bohbot
Director of Photography: Eric Gautier
Editor: Laurence Briaud
Music: Grégoire Hetzel
Producer: Pascal Caucheteux
Sales: SPI International
Original title: Rois et reine
Country: France
Year of production: 2004
Length (min): 153
Language: French
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Profil: Arnaud Desplechin

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