Original title: Fassbinder
Director: Annekatrin Hendel
Screenplay: Annekatrin Hendel, Juliane Maria Lorenz
Director of Photography: Martin Farkas
Editor: Jörg Hauschild
Music: Flake
Country: Germany
Year of production: 2015
Length (min): 90
Language: German
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: It Works! Medien
Section: Re-Masters
Genre: Documentary
Sponsors: Deutsche Botschaft Prag – Německé velvyslanectví v Praze, Česko-německé kulturní jaro 2017

“I am my films,” said Rainer Werner Fassbinder, probably the most important German director of the 20th century. During his mere thirty-seven years in our world, he managed to make forty-four of them. The symbiosis of the scandalous, self-destructively intense life of this controversial character and his cinematic opus is introduced in this exclusive documentary connecting autobiographical moments of his work with never-published interviews and texts.

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