Brave Man's Blood


Brave Man's Blood

Original title: Brave Man's Blood
Director: Olaf de Fleur
Screenplay: Olaf de Fleur, Hrafnkell Stefansson
Director of Photography: Bjarni Felix Bjarnason, Gunnar Heidar
Producer: Olaf de Fleur
Editor: Olaf de Fleur
Music: Kristján Sturla Bjarnason
Print source: Danish Film Institute
Country: Iceland
Year of production: 2014
Length (min): 96
Language: English, Icelandic, Serbian
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: Danish Film Institute
Section: Světla severu
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: Skandinávský dům, z. s.
A crime drama from Icelandic gangland, where the state police wages war against organised crime, reveals the thin line between good and evil. Carefully timed action scenes and well-developed characters dominates the ingeniously structured story.

With support

Skandinávský dům, z. s.

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