Boarding House for Bachelors

Picture Boarding House for Bachelors

Boarding House for Bachelors

Original title: Pension pro svobodné pány
Director: Jiří Krejčík
Cast: Josef Abrhám, Jiří Hrzán, Věra Ferbasová, Pavel Landovský, Iva Janžurová
Country: Czech Republic
Year of production: 1968
Length (min): 90
Language: Czech
Sales: Národní Filmový Archiv
Section: Profile: Iva Janžurová
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ENGLISH UNFRIENDLYAdmission free for seniors over 60. The free ticket must be picked up at the cinema box offi ce.

Ms Mossie's boarding house for bachelors strictly prohibits female visitors. But this doesn't prevent young Bernard from smuggling in his lover Andela. During one night and an early morning, Bernard has his hands full trying to hide Andela from his strict landlady and his nosey roommate. This situation comedy is a film adaptation of a play by Sean O'Casey, brimming with covert critical hints on the massive bureaucracy in Czechoslovakia at that time.

Jiří Krejčík

One of the most distinguished Czech filmmakers, he debuted with A Week in the Quiet House in 1947. His noted films include for example Higher Principle, Of Things Supernatural, and many others. A major part of his work was for television. He received lifetime achievement awards at Karlovy Vary IFF and at Czech Lions.

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