Art VR

17. 9. 2021, 17:00 – 19. 9. 2021, 19:00
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

The 28th Prague IFF – Febiofest invites film lovers to screenings in traditional programme sections, but also a completely new section this year: VR Cinema. 360° VR films will be shown in a special VR cinema at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, in three thematically divided groups: For Kids, Art and Docu.

Selection of art films will take the audience to various fantastic worlds, while the third thematic programme will bring joy to documentary lovers.

Odyssey 1.4.9. / François Vautier / France, 2020, 8 min. – The cinematic VR homage to Kubrick’s magnum opus 2001: A Space Odyssey foregrounds the mysterious monolith that is the main source of the mysterious mishaps in the film. This abstract animated VR film uses archival footage from Kubrick’s film and has it scanned by a mysterious monolith in a galactic tunnel, revealing more visual and sensual dimensions of this cinematic classic.

Recoding Entropie / François Vautier / France 2020 / 8 min. – The metaphorical abstract film plunges us into a galactic environment alongside a giant cube that resembles a spaceship. The vessel is a symbol of stability and power, yet it gradually begins to disintegrate into hundreds of steel plates that threaten and, in a way, hypnotize us. Are we dead? Have we reached the end of our spiritual journey? And can new life be born from the fragments of the universe?

Homidae / Brian Andrews / USA 2020 / 7 min. – Arachnid Hominid is a unique new species created from X-ray images by filmmaker Brian Andrews – a cross between a spider and a human. In this visually experimental film, we follow – through an X-ray filter – the story of a hominid mother trying to protect her offspring in a hostile environment. The genre non-conformist film, lying at the intersection of horror and family drama, is a follow-up to the short animated film Hominid from 2012.

Ticket price: 115 CZK

Dates and tickets:

17. 9. 2021 – Art VR – 17:00

17. 9. 2021 – Art VR – 19:00

18. 9. 2021 – Art VR – 15:00

18. 9. 2021 – Art VR – 17:00

19. 9. 2021 – Art VR – 15:00

19. 9. 2021 – Art VR – 17:00

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