Valley of Shadows

This atmospheric horror with fairy-tale elements follows the gloomy events in a remote village through the eyes of a six-year-old boy. Aslak and his friend discover strangled sheep and the boy then finds out about his older brother running away yet again. Both incidents are ascribed to a werewolf living in the nearby forest. Developing the genre of the Norwegian Gothic, this debut relies on slowly increasing tension and avoids explicit violence.
Director: Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen
Screenplay: Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen, Clement Tuffreau
Director of Photography: Marius Matzow Gulbrandsen
Editor: Mariusz Kus
Music: Zbigniew Preisner
Producer: Alan R. Milligan
Sales: Pascale Ramonda
Original title: Skyggenes dal
Country: Norway
Year of production: 2017
Length (min): 91
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Noční cirkus

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