Picture The Ear

The Ear

Original title: Ucho
Director: Karel Kachyňa
Cast: Jiřina Bohdalová, Radoslav Brzobohatý, Jiří Císler, Miroslav Holub
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year of production: 1970
Length (min): 91
Language: Czech
Sales: Národní filmový archiv
Section: Profile: Jiřina Bohdalová

Undersecretary Ludvík and his wife Anna return from a party. But they are not home alone anymore. An “ear” – the secret police's listening device – is hidden somewhere in their flat. Thus starts a claustrophobic drama full of uncertainty – this night will be long. Jiřina Bohdalová and Radoslav Brzobohatý star in the leading roles of this famous film that was banned for many years. /// ENGLISH UNFRIENDLY