The Commander and the Stork


The Commander and the Stork

Původní název: The Commander and the Stork
Director: Silvio Soldini
Screenplay: Doriana Leondeff, Marco Pettenello, Silvio Soldini
Director of Photography: Ramiro Civita
Producer: Lionelli Cerri
Editor: Carlotta Cristiani
Print source: Intramovies
Country: Italy, Switzerland
Year of production: 2012
Length (min): 108
Language: Italian
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: Intramovies
Section: Pocta: Alba Rohrwacher
Genre: Comedy
Sponsors: Italský kulturní institut Praha
Directed by the distinguished Silvio Soldini, the original romantic comedy focuses on Leo - a widower, his children, and a poor artist named Diana. Their lives intertwine in Genoa, supervised and commented on by talking statues of distinguished Italians.

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