Ruth is a widow seven months along in her pregnancy, and just like many other mothers, she believes that her unborn child speaks to her. The difference is that not every child whispers to their mother to grab a knife and take bloodthirsty revenge. The original post-feminist revenge comedy was written and directed by Alice Lowe (Sightseers), a British comedienne who also wades through buckets of blood in the film in the leading role.
Director: Alice Lowe
Screenplay: Alice Lowe
Director of Photography: Ryan Eddleston
Editor: Matteo Bini
Music: Pablo Clements, James Griffith, Toydrum
Producer: Vaughan Sivell, Will Kane, Jennifer Handorf
Sales: Western Edge Pictures
Original title: Prevenge
Country: United Kingdom
Year of production: 2016
Length (min): 88
Language: English
Subtitles: Czech
Section: Noční cirkus

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