Pražský výběr - Symphony Bizarre

Pražský výběr - Symphony Bizarre

Original title: Pražský výběr - Symphony Bizarre
Director: Michael Kocáb
Cast: Michal Pavlíček, Vilém Čok, Klaudius Kryšpín, Jiří Hrubeš, Michael Kocáb
Country: Czech Republic
Year of production: 2022
Length (min): 95
Language: Czech
Sales: BONTONFILM a.s.
Section: Docs

In 2016, Pražský výběr celebrated its 40th birthday. The band teamed up with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and American conductor Steven Mercurio and threw a spectacular concert at Prague's O2 Arena. The opulent musical and visual feast took a year to prepare and was filmed using 35 cameras which enabled the viewers of the resulting film to enjoy the show featuring Michael Kocáb, Michal Pavlíček, Vilém Čok but also Vojtěch Dyk, Ondřej Soukup and Iva Pazderková from various angles and with perfect surround sound.

Michael Kocáb

Czech music composer and singer is the founder of the Pražský výběr rock band and is also active in politics and civic activism. Shortly before the Velvet Revolution, Kocáb cooperated with Karel Smyczek to create a staged documentary entitled Pražákům, těm je hej ("Praguers are jake", 1990) as a lighthearted take on the history of his band. At Prague IFF, Pražský výběr: Symphony Bizzare will be shown in a prepremiere screening.

Where and when you can see the film

Cinema City Slovanský dům, #2
Already happened
Cinema City Slovanský dům, #5
Already happened

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