Patrick & Sebastien vs the Fake News

Patrick & Sebastien vs the Fake News

Original title: Les méchants
Director: Mouloud Achour, Dominique Baumard
Cast: Roman Frayssinet, Djimo, Ludivine Sagnier, Anthony Bajon, Mathieu Kassovitz
Country: France
Year of production: 2021
Length (min): 80
Language: French
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Comedy Competition
Sponsors: Francouzský institut v Praze

Patrick and Sebastien are pretty ordinary dudes nobody cares about – at least until their stereotypical lives of slacking off are turned upside down and they become the most hated men in France. The reason is as simple as it is absurd. A well-known TV presenter has decided to jump on a journalistic sensation involving a stolen Gameboy, a popular rapper fresh out of prison, and the two protagonists. Never mind that there’s not a shred of truth to it.

Mouloud Achour, Dominique Baumard

This is the first ever collaboration for the French screenwriting pair and TV personalities. Achour specialises mainly in television programmes, having made a name for himself on Canal+ with his commentary show Le Clique, and has appeared as an actor in several Hollywood films. After his studies at the prestigious La Fémis, Baumard focused more on shorter films and dramaturgy. Patrick & Sebastien vs the Fake News is the debut for both directors.

With support

Francouzský institut v Praze

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