Original title: Forældre
Director: Christian Tafdrup
Screenplay: Christian Tafdrup
Director of Photography: Maria von Hausswolff
Editor: Anne Østerud, Tanya Fallenius
Music: Sune “Køter” Kølster
Country: Denmark
Year of production: 2016
Length (min): 86
Language: Danish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: LevelK
Section: Světla severu
Sponsors: Dánské velvyslanectví, Skandinávský dům, z. s.

Their son has grown up, moved out, and needs them no more. Kjeld and Vibeke face the crisis by moving to the flat where they used to live as a young childless couple. They begin to attempt to recapture their youth, and purchasing original furniture is far from the end of it. An unconventional and dramatic exploration of how a thirty-year-long marriage may be unsettled by fulfilling the dream of return to youth, spiced up by Nordic humor and a pinch of surrealism.

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