Nude area


Nude area

Original title: Strefa nagosci
Director: Urszula Antoniak
Screenplay: Urszula Antoniak
Director of Photography: Piotr Sobocinski Jr.
Editor: Milenia Fiedler
Music: Ethan Rose, Pawel Mykietyn
Print source: Topkapi Films
Country: Netherlands, Poland
Year of production: 2014
Length (min): 78
Language: No dialogue
Subtitles: No subtitles
Sales: Topkapi Films
Section: Zaostřeno na Holandsko
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: Velvyslanectví Nizozemského království

The hypnotic film essay offers a complex view of female desire and a detailed survey of the intimacy of two teenage girls who communicate without words, just with gestures and electrifying looks.

With support

Velvyslanectví Nizozemského království

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