Lajko - Gypsy in Space

Lajko - Gypsy in Space

Original title: Lajko: Cigány az ürben
Director: Balázs Lengyel
Cast: Tamás Keresztes,József Gyabronka, Tibor Pálffy, Anna Böger, László Fehér, Beniuk Bohdan
Country: Hungary
Year of production: 2018
Length (min): 90
Language: Hungarian
Subtitles: Czech, English
Sales: Hungarian National Film Fund
Section: Balkan Echoes
Sponsors: Balassiho institut - Maďarský institut Praha

In 1957, the USSR offers Hungary the chance to choose the first person to fly to space. A pilot nicknamed Lajkó, who is obsessively hyped about stars, becomes the chosen one. But at the Baikonur base, it turns out it might not be a dream come true. This satirical film plays with the idea that the first living being sent from Earth to space was not a dog named Laika, but a Hungarian Romani.

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