It's Only Make Believe

It isn't easy to integrate back into society after 10 years in prison. If Jenny manages and resists the temptations of the past, she will get custody of her daughter. The directing, script, production, camera and editing are all done by a single person – Arild Østin Ommundsen.
Screenplay: Arild Østin Ommundsen
Director of Photography: Arild Østin Ommundsen
Editor: Arild Østin Ommundsen
Music: Thomas Dybdahl
Producer: Gary Cranner
Sales: Chezville
Print source: Chezville
Original title: Eventyrland
Country: Norway
Year of production: 2013
Length (min): 93
Language: Norwegian
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Světla severu
Genre: Drama
Sponsors: Velvyslanectví Norského království, Skandinávský dům, z. s.

With support

Velvyslanectví Norského království
Skandinávský dům, z. s.

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