Picture In Spring

In Spring

Original title: Vesnoj
Director: Michail Kaufman
Country: USSR, Ukraine
Year of production: 1929
Length (min): 46
Language: Ukrainian
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Národní Filmový Archiv
Section: Ukraine: Center of Europe
Sponsors: Velvyslanectví Ukrajiny

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The year 1929 is not only the year of the release of Man with a Movie Camera, but also a year of its deliberate anti-thesis, Kaufman's In Spring, a metaphor of revolution. In this film, especially the poetry of the water element comes up in its various forms: icebergs melt, rivers flood over, canals overflow, an image flickers in the water pool with a freely released camera circling overhead. Half way through its runtime, the movie resembles a film essay rather than a political manifesto. Subsequently, however, we move to a construction site, and an incredible trick part is being incorporated into the film.

Michail Kaufman

Dziga Vertov's elder brother, whose mutual cooperation reached a peak with Man with a Movie Camera (1929), followed by a lifelong artistic rift between the two. His Kiyvan urban symphony In Spring is, in the view of many film critics, the most significant 1929 film, itself a poetic response to Vertov's work. The screening will be accompanied with live music by Jan Kašpar (Obelisk of Light).

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