A classical picture of the Polish Film School which scathingly criticises national myths of war heroism and military honour. Is it better to die in a fight already lost, or to survive? Apart from Wajda's Canal, Eroica is the most important film voice in the discussion on war experiences in Poland in the 1950s.
Sales: Studio Filmowe KADR
Print source: Studio Filmowe KADR
Director: Andrzej Munk
Screenplay: Jerzy Stefan Stawiński
Director of Photography: Jerzy Wójcik
Editor: Jadwiga Zajiček
Music: Jan Krenz
Original title: Eroica
Country: Poland
Year of production: 1958
Length (min): 78
Language: Polish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Section: Polsko 44
Genre: War
Sponsors: Polský institut v Praze

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