Eastern Promises

Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Anna (Naomi Watts) is a midwife who discovers the diary of a deceased Russian girl and decides to investigate her past. Her dogged efforts to find answers lead her deep into the world of brutal Russian mob in London, all the way to Nikolai Luzin (Viggo Mortensen). David Cronenberg and Peter Suschitzky created a modern noir whose sauna scene has already become a part of film textbooks.
Director: David Cronenberg
Screenplay: Steven Knight
Director of Photography: Peter Suschitzky
Editor: Ronald Sanders
Music: Howard Shore
Producer: Robert Lantos, Paul Webster
Sales: Blue Sky Film Distribution
Print source: Blue Sky Film Distribution
Original title: Eastern Promises
Country: Canada, United Kingdom, USA
Year of production: 2007
Length (min): 100
Language: English
Subtitles: Czech
Section: PROFIL: Peter Suschitzky
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Mystery

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