Discovery of Heaven

Drama, Fantasy

Discovery of Heaven

Original title: Discovery of Heaven
Director: Jeroen Krabbé
Screenplay: Edwin de Vries
Director of Photography: Theo Bierkens
Editor: Nigel Galt, Kant Pan
Music: Henny Vrienten
Print source: Eye International
Country: Netherlands, United Kingdom
Year of production: 2001
Length (min): 150
Language: English
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Eye International
Section: Pocta: Jeroen Krabbé
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Sponsors: Velvyslanectví Nizozemského království

Angels descend to the Earth to punish mankind. Yet they succumb to the mortal charms and forget about their mission. Krabbe uses ironic references to the Dutch politics of the time, and playfully points out the never-ending cycle of cause and effect.

With support

Velvyslanectví Nizozemského království

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