26. 10. 2015

Free Oleg Sentsov!

Dear Friends,  

As you already know Oleg Sentsov has been sentenced to 20 years in prison – an unbelievable term, which hasn't been visited upon any other political prisoner in modern Russia. A lot of people lost hope after the sentence was published, but it’s too early to give up. Oleg still needs your support because he is not going to give up. We can fight the system, but we can only do it together. Together with each and every one of you.  

We are grateful for every bit of support and we use every possible opportunity to pass news and pictures about every support action around the world to Oleg. It is very important for him to know that he’s remembered. Every letter and every meeting with him begins and ends with words of gratitude to everyone who cares about his fate.  

Around 70% of all the monies collected to date from around the world have been spent on legal expenses, such as lawyers’ fees, multiple trips to Moscow, Crimea, Rostov on Don, as well as various examinations needed as evidence for the case, notaries, translations, etc. About 30% has gone to support Oleg’s two children. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

We’d like to ask you to continue your support. All the current work of lawyers is targeted more towards international organizations rather than Russian court system (which has already shown its real face). Those international organizations will scrutinize the materials of the case when time comes, therefore it is crucial for us to make sure that the legal work is as perfect as possible. We have filed an appeal to Supreme Court (session date is unknown yet) of Russia. The European Court of Justice will be our next step if the appeal fails.

Moreover, we have filed a claim against the Russian FSB and several propagandist mass media organizations who have been spreading deliberately false info and press releases suggesting Sentsov and Kolchenko took part in terrorist acts even before this fact was officially admitted in court. Such info in the press seriously hurt Oleg’s and Aleksandr’s honor and dignity and affected public opinion about the case in Russia. The hearing date on this case will be known after September 21st.

Lawyers’ nondisclosure agreements are finally suspended therefore we’re now able to provide case materials to the public and answer many questions.  

At the moment the Ukraine is preparing the Sentsov-Kolchenko Sanctions List which will include people responsible for this show trial. Please support this initiative as well as all the other initiatives.  

Many political institutions have writen letters in support of this case; major mass media and journalists are involved. Currently lots of organizations around the world are preparing screenings of Oleg’s film “Gaamer “; his play, “Numbers”, will be staged in Ukraine this autumn; a documentary film is being made about Oleg’s case and situation; more copies of his book of short stories will be published soon and there are supportive T-shirts on sale. We’re grateful for any amount of attention or donation you opt for. Please get in touch with us if you want to plan something, too. For communication in  English please write to olga.zhurzhenko@gmail.com, for communication in Russian, please write to skorostzvuka@gmail.com.

Also, letters are very important for Oleg. It is very boring in jail so without letters there’s not much to do and not much information about what’s going on outside. It’s better to write in Russian because of censorship. The address is 344082, Rostov on Don, PO box 2710 - Sentsov Oleg Gennadievich,1976. Here is the address in Cyrillic letters 344082, г.  Ростов на Дону, а/я 2710 Сенцову Олегу Геннадьевичу, 1976 г.р.

Thanks you very much for your support and since “cowardice is the worst sin” let’s continue to be courageous in what we do.  

Natalia Kochneva  
Olga Zhurzhenko  
Dmitriy Dinz

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