18. 2. 2016

Culinary Cinema menu revealed!

Michelin star chef Alexander Koppe

Friday, March 18: The Chicken, The Fish and The King Crab - Menu Febiofest Michelin Nouvelle Cuisine

Menu: Jiří Král

  • Amuse bouche: Praline Saint Jacques s lososem Label Rouge
  • King´s variation… Galantine of French Chicken, Crème Brûlée of chicken livers and gratinated chicken Salpicon.
  • Mediterranean Halibut cooked sous-vide, King Crab in Dim Sum dumplings, California Maki Roll with spicy crab in Sriracha tempura, topinambur purée, Peruvian potatoes, glazed vegetables and crab Bisque.
  • Chocolate-pistachio Valhrona Ganache in Baissé pound cake, roasted coacoa beans with sea salt, maracuja essence and raspberry wasabi sorbet.

TICKETS: https://www.ticketportal.cz/performance.aspx?idp=1306831

Saturday, March 19: A Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story - Menu Febiofest Asia

Menu: Jíří Král

  • Amuse bouche: Butano Kakuni
  • Sukiyaki - strong meat broth with sliced beef back, Kombu seaweed, vegetables,Enoki and Shiitake mushrooms, spinach leaves, Shiso leaves and marinated Yuzu peel.
  • Sushi Set New-Era… Uramaki Maguro Roll (Yellow Fin tuna), Angus Maki Roll (Black Angus bull), Suzuki Nigiri (sea bass), Sake Nigiri (Label Rouge salmon), Tamago Nigiri (egg omelette) with wasabi, honey ginger and Kikkoman sauce.
  • Shoichi Sugar Breeze… Omochi rice pie, Adzuki sweet beans and Matcha-Tea ice cream in lime skim.

TICKETS: https://www.ticketportal.cz/performance.aspx?idp=1306832#

Sunday, March 20: Trattoria - Menu Febiofest Italy

Alexander Koppe on his Febiofest Culinary Cinema menu: "Yes indeed, there is a strong connection between food and cinema. Both need a strong team which is passionate about creating an artistic work. What I will prepare for the Culinary Cinema won’t be a recipe, but an experience. So please, just let me suprise you."

TICKETS: https://www.ticketportal.cz/performance.aspx?idp=1306833

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