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Campo Grande / Campo Grande / Campo Grande (Brazil, France) Director: Sandra Kogut (Latin American Panorama )
Carol / Carol / Carol (United Kingdom, USA) Director: Todd Haynes (Made in USA )
The Clan / El clan / Klan (Argentina, Spain) Director: Pablo Trapero (Latin American Panorama )
The Cleaner / Čistič / Čistič (Slovakia) Director: Peter Bebjak (Slovak Day )
Clever / Clever / Clever (Uruguay) Director: Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro (Latin American Panorama )
Colonia / Colonia / Kolonie (Germany, Luxembourg, France) Director: Florian Gallenberger (Tribute to Daniel Brühl )
Concussion / Concussion / Diagnóza: Šampión (United Kingdom, Australia, USA) Director: Peter Landesman (Made in USA )
A Corner of Heaven / Tiantang jiaoluo / Nebeský koutek (China, France) Director: Miaoyan Zhang (Upstream )
Corpse Collector / Corpse Collector / Sběratel mrtvol (Bulgaria) Director: Dimitar Dimitrov (Balkan Beats )
Cowboys / Les Cowboys / Kovbojové (France, Belgium) Director: Thomas Bidegain (Refugees )
Crocodile / Bwaya / Krokodýl (Philippines) Director: Francis Xavier Pasion (Asian Panorama )
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