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Tribute to Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl, a distinctive representative of the young generation of European actors, was born in Barcelona in 1978. His full name is Daniel César Martin Brühl Gonzalez Domingo and he is the son of a famous German documentary director, Hanno Brühl. The bilingual family enabled the actor to learn two European languages as a child, which later helped him in building an international acting career. Daniel embarked on his professional path in theatre at an early age and he got his first roles in German television shows. His breakthrough came in 2003 with Wolfgang Becker's Good Bye Lenin! Brühl played the lead role of a loving son whose mother spent the last years of socialism in a coma. In order to protect her from the fatal shock that Eastern Germany does not exist anymore, Alex decides to put everything around her in an order existing before the Wall fell. With his friends' help, he manages to fake the socialist reality, but it is obvious that his courageous plan cannot work forever. Brühl's mature, multi-layered performance as Alex earned him numerous awards not only within Germany, but also abroad. Moreover, Good Bye, Lenin! was nominated for a Golden Globe and the prestigious BAFTA award in 2004. He continued with The Edukators, which is included in this year's Febiofest selection. The Austrian-German drama about three young idealists who decide to fight against the upper classes in an unusual way premiered at IFF Cannes, where it was met with a standing ovation by the audience. The cast includes another distinctive personality of young German actors, Julia Jentsch, and Brühl also worked with Burghart Klaussner again, who portrayed the rich businessman Hardenberg. After several roles in mostly European films, opportunities across the ocean presented themselves as well. The first highly successful film was The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), an action thriller starring Matt Damon. Quentin Tarantino fans will certainly recall Brühl's performance in Inglourious Basterds from 2009. Brühl portrayed the character of a German war hero, Frederick Zoller, in the star-cast Oscar-winning picture. His acting talent and enviable mastery of four European languages opened the doors to other remarkable roles across genres and national productions. One of the noteworthy performances is the role of Konrad Koch in Lessons of a Dream, which commemorates a period in the life of the pioneer of football in Germany. Praise from critics and a Golden Globe nomination came with yet another portrayal of a celebrity of the sports world, the legendary Formula 1 driver, Niki Lauda, in Ron Howard's Rush. The visually riveting story about the professional, as well as personal clash, of two elite drivers and also stubborn, obstinate men was based on a script by Peter Morgan, who will be another of Febiofest's guests this year. The developing career and international fame brought Brühl more acting opportunities and possibilities for unique cooperation last year as well. Woman in Gold is a drama focusing on the story of an influential Austrian family heavily affected by WWII, uncovering the tale through the dispute over the ownership of a Gustav Klimt painting. Daniel Brühl plays one of the roles alongside Oscar-winning, prominent British actress, Helen Mirren. Colonia is a historical thriller which premiered at IFF Toronto and was also included at this year's Berlinale. Febiofest is exclusively screening this film for Czech viewers before the Czech premiere. The dramatic story of a couple who find themselves in an Argentinian penal colony for Pinochet's political opponents is inspired by true events.
Colonia / Colonia / Kolonie (Germany, Luxembourg, France) Director: Florian Gallenberger (Tribute to Daniel Brühl )
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