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Asian Panorama
This year's Asian Panorama presents a colourful mosaic of films, both in the sense of geographical and genre variety. Films by renowned directors are accompanied by remarkable debuts of young filmmakers and also by a film made under very specific circumstances. S.K. Sasidharan's Six Feet High, about love against the backdrop of a natural disaster in the Himalayas, is the first Indian film financed by a crowdfunding campaign. The festival's visitors will also have a chance to see many internationally awarded films in exclusive Czech premieres. Right Now, Wrong Then, a romantic one-day fling of a director and a painter, was directed by South Korean Hong San-soo and won the Golden Leopard at this year's Locarno IFF. South Korean cinema is also represented by Made in China, written by an eminent Korean director, Kim Ki-duk. A trip to Japan within this program section is offered by three distinctive films of current production. The first is a tender insight into the lives of three loners who become entangled through their love for the sweet red bean paste in An, as directed by Naomi Kawase. An unusual action comedy, Ryuzo and His Seven Henchmen, directed by legendary Japanese director, Takeshi Kitano, brings proof that yakuza members do not lose their power even in retirement when it's hard to get the joints moving and avoid incontinence, and he portrays one of the tough grandpas himself. The third Japanese film is Journey to the Shore by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Tokyo Sonata). The fantasy romance won the Directing Prize of Un Certain Regard at last year's IFF Cannes. As part of Asian Panorama, Febiofest is also presenting two Iranian films. Nahid, a drama by Ida Pananhandeh, was awarded for its unusual view of the situation of divorced women in today's Iran at last year's Cannes festival. Wednesday, May 9, the feature debut by the documentary director Vahid Jalilvand, was very successful at Venice IFF, similarly to a Nepalese co-production film called Black Hen, which is the feature debut of Min Bahadur Bham. The last film in this section is Crocodile from the Philippines, set amongst the Monobo people whose community is afflicted by a bloody tragedy.
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