Šiška Deluxe / Šiška Deluxe / Šiška Deluxe

Jan Cvitković
Director: Jan Cvitković
Cast list: Žiga Födransperg, David Furlan, Marko Miladinović, Petre Arsovski, Jana Prepeluh, Aleksandar Rusić
Screenplay: Jan Cvitkovič
Director of Photography: Jure Černec
Editor: Dafne Jemeršič
Music: Aleksander Pešut - Schatzi
Producer: Andrej Štritof, Aleš Pavlin, Ondřej Zima
Sales: A-Company Czech s.r.o.
Print source: A-Company Czech s.r.o.
Country: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Macedonia
Year: 2015
Running time (min.): 110
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Slovene
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: The absurd comedy takes place in the neighbourhood of Siska in Ljubljana. Mile is a forty-something smartass living with his mother – the same age as his friends, Fedr, a former skinhead and now a divorced father, and an ex-punk and orphan, Zekir. Their plan to open a pizza place is a chance to change their abysmal lives, but since they can’t stop acting like utter losers, customers don't exactly flock to their venue. But then mysterious Jana inspires them to offer a unique service of “Siska Deluxe” with their pizza: Order a pizza together with anything that would make you happy, and we'll arrange it! Business immediately skyrockets and it seems that everybody in Siska is happier thanks to the “wish-granting pizza”. Will Siska Deluxe also bring luck to the protagonists themselves?
Awards and Nominations:
FilmFestival Cottbus 2015 - Audience Award

Šiška Deluxe Šiška Deluxe Šiška Deluxe Šiška Deluxe Šiška Deluxe Šiška Deluxe
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Velvyslanectví Slovinské republiky Praha
Velvyslanectví Slovinské republiky Praha
22.03.2016 / 18:30 Praha |Cinestar Praha Anděl, # 11, Česká televize     buy ticket Add to My Program
23.03.2016 / 17:00 Praha |Cinestar Praha Anděl, # 2, Business Lease     buy ticket Add to My Program
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25.03.2016 / 15:00 Praha |Cinestar Praha Anděl, # 2, Business Lease     buy ticket Add to My Program
01.04.2016 / 17:30 Pardubice |Cinestar Pardubice, # 4     buy ticket Add to My Program
06.04.2016 / 17:30 Olomouc |Kino Metropol Add to My Program
16.04.2016 / 17:30 Mladá Boleslav |Cinestar Mladá Boleslav,# 3     buy ticket Add to My Program
19.04.2016 / 20:00 Zlín |Golden Apple Cinema, # 4 Add to My Program
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