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Febiofest Music Fest has a new concept for 2015

This year there's a new concept Febiofest Music Fest, which will take place daily March 20th to 27th in the parking garage below CineStar - Andel, Radlická 3179/1E, Prague 5 (third underground floor). 

Each of the eight evenings will be stylistically monothematic and will be dedicated to one musical genre. We will start with pop-music, continue with evenings of hip hop, jazz, world music, and dance music, all the way to rock'n'roll, punk, and ska.

The list of performers in 2015 is impressive, offering a diverse mix of young and perspective bands intertwined with established names of the individual genres, such as Vladimír 518, Luboš Andršt, OHM Square, Jablkoň, Čankišou, Hentai Corporation, Matěj Benko Quintet with Ondřej Ruml, Zoči Voči, Atmo Music, Smola a Hrušky, and others. It is a guarantee that if the viewers decide which evening to visit IFF Prague – Febiofest based solely on their musical preferences, they won't leave unsatisfied, even if the tickets for film screenings are already sold out.

The admission to Febiofest Music Fest, which will present 33 bands, musical projects and DJs during eight evenings, is FREE!

20.3.2015 - POP FEST
20:00 Čardáš Klaunů
Čardáš Klaunů
“Čardáš Klaunů plays their own music, based on rock and enriched by other genres. Powerful vocal melodies, original Czech lyrics and polyphonic choirs. Our relationship to film is generally positive – we like psychological dramas, documentaries about civil aviation, Czechoslovak black-and-white films, wacky cartoons, parodies of everything, and we can even name something specific: A Town Called Panic. As for film music, pompous orchestra arrangements and anything by Williams and Shore, Elfman's theme for The Simpsons, great soundtracks for Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.”
21:30 Light and Love
Light and Love
“Our music is not limited by one genre. We get inspiration everywhere, from pop to various alternative genres. As for cinema, we enjoy the currently popular trend in music videos. They are more film-like and sometimes even two minutes longer. Our favourite films are: Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Forrest Gump. Regarding film music, I must mention Inception by Hans Zimmer, and many things by John Williams.”
“Our music is a mix of pop and rap, but we have also been strongly influenced by hip hop and a lot of good music we've been listening to. We like film, it inspires us a lot. We often go the cinema or watch our favourite films at home – for example Untouchable, Titanic, or all of the Rocky sequels. We also enjoy film music by Hans Zimmer.”
23:50 DJ Odd
Hits and melodies from popular mainstream, from Elvis, Queen and Abba to Lady Gaga and ZAZ.
21.3.2015 - HIP HOP FEST
20:00 DJ NobodyListen
DJ NobodyListen
“I call my music 'alternative R&B'. I used to do mostly rap, but I really enjoyed going for a slightly different sound. It's basically a mix of electronic music and different atmospheric genres with vocals. I am truly fond of cinema! My favourite films are Drive and ‘I Origins’. I listen to soundtracks pretty often. I don't have any favourites, but I like the work of Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer the best. I would like to focus on film music sometimes in the future.”
21:00 Refew
“My music is a sonant thought. I write what I want to. Liberated thinking hidden in a melody. I've always loved watching movies. They have been an inspiration, not only for music. My favourite films? Schindler's List and Star Wars I-VI.”
22:00 LA4
“It's difficult to classify own music, or at least I don't like doing it. I'd rather leave the answer for this question up to those who know my stuff. I am basically addicted to film, I watch at least one or two a day. I like all genres. Recent films worth mentioning are certainly Whitewash, Life of Pi, The Salvation and Drive. I always really look forward to any new film by Wes Anderson and Jared Hess, and I also must include Twin Peaks.”
23:00 VLADIMIR 518
“I experiment with music a lot, but the basics are still rap. I honour genres, but I still keep searching for their limits. Genres are in a way ghettoes where musicians can hide for their whole lives and never venture outside. This certainly isn't my path, I've been listening to all possible genres since my teenage years. I have developed a strong addiction to film as a phenomenon. I try to keep the tempo of one film a day, and when I have a free day, I am even able to consume five pictures in a row. Kubrick, Tarkovskij, Bergman, Kurosawa, Vláčil, Zeman, Anderson, Švankmajer, Trnka, Aronofsky, Noé, Scott, Eastwood, Mijazaki, and many others.”
23:50 DJ Mike Trafik
DJ Mike Trafik
“I'm a music producer and I do rap, that is the simple summary. In reality, it is a much more complicated journey with many genre digressions. I enjoy music, and I don't shun various influences and directions, which I connect with rap in the end. I am a film maniac. I go to cinema at least once a week, sometimes even more when the selection is good. I really enjoyed the last three films I've seen – Imitation Game, Birdman, Whitewash. All are brilliant. Birdman is completely exquisite. I like film music when it's bombastic and ceremonial. I consider Tron Legacy by Daft Punk one of the best soundtracks ever.”
22.3.2015 - JAZZ FEST
20:00 Matěj Benko Quintet and Ondřej Ruml
Matěj Benko Quintet and Ondřej Ruml
“My music is especially about powerful melodies, supported by rich harmony and distinctive rhythms. There is a lot of space for improvisation, and it is, of course, influenced by many things I like. I've always liked going to the movies. I enjoy watching quality mainstream. I like Hollywood, but other productions as well. Favourite films, just like music and literature, relate to specific life periods. But it's the filmmakers who are most important for me. For example, Kubrick, Fincher, Lynch, Allen, Burton, Spielberg, and Tarantino. As for composers, it's Morricone, Williams, Doyle, Goldsmith, and Nino Rota.“
“I would describe the music I make as ‘controlled emotions’. Film is, in my opinion, the most powerful medium of today, encompassing all artistic professions. I apply similar criteria to film as I do with the music which I create, and that is blues and jazz. In the first case, it is depicting life as it truly is, and in the second, it is viewing the life as it should be.”
23:00 Petr Kroutil and his Brothers
Petr Kroutil and his Brothers
“I would describe our music as an unrestrained, spontaneous and joyful mega party which is, I hope, enjoyable for the listeners as well. I've loved films since childhood, all the genres, including romantic. Exceptionally, I get really touched. I actually perceive films through music. I often don't even know exactly what it is about, but I listen very carefully to the use and type of the music. Otherwise, I am a fan of the Coen brothers, for example.”
23:50 Dj Agharta
Jazz in all its variety with emphasis on dance elements will be varied with more intimately tinted songs in smooth jazz and soul style.
23.3.2015 - DANCE FEST
20:00 Aid Kid
Aid Kid
“You can dance to our music in a club, but you can equally enjoy it by just listening. There are a few films that were crucial for my musical development. Without Trainspotting or Run, Lola, Run, I might have completely missed electronic music. I adore everything by Terry Gilliam or Darren Arofonsky uncritically. In general, I like films from the North – Adam's Apples, Angels of the Universe, Celebration. As for film music composers, I really admire Clint Mansel, David Holmes, and Trent Reznor. Above all, I appreciate films about musicians who do not exist but are inspired by real bands Hard Core Logo, This is Spinal Tap, Frank, Ex-drummer.”
21:30 Holy
“I create music that describes me and that I enjoy. Electronic music with emotions. I like films. I study film. I create films. I make music for films. I have a bazillion of favourite films, but I am a fan of these directors: Katsuhito Ishii, Lars von Trier, François Ozon, and Shira Geffen. It's similar for me with film music, but I must mention Michael Gacchino's soundtrack for LOST, which is very cinematic, touching, powerful, and sensitively composed.”
“We strive to make original, emotional music of various tempos and moods, with strong emphasis on the vocals. We have a varying approach to films, there are films we adore, but there are also films we'd love not to have seen. Recent films of the first category are What We Do in the Shadows, or TV show Transparent.”
23:50 DJ Jan2
An evening dedicated to dance music cannot end differently than with dancing to drum'n'bass, acid house, jungle, and other genres.
24.3.2015 - WORLD MUSIC FEST
20:00 BraAgas
“Our music usually consists of adapted folk and very old songs, it is therefore more interpretation than creating something new. But that's also a challenge – when we manage to show to today's listeners that the music we make is definitely not forgotten, I consider it a success. We like all films by Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry, especially The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, with the cover of Beck's Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime. As for film music, we of course really appreciate the icons such as Danny Elfman and Yann Tiersen. Recently, we have been captivated by the music of the BBC's brilliant TV show, Sherlock.”
21:30 Jablkoň
“Our music is something between Händel and a prehistoric man. Prague folk-rock, but slightly complicated. We have a very good relationship with film (if it’s a film we like). From time to time, we even compose music for films, such as for The Brats. A good movie for your soul, for example The Seventh Seal, and for your body The Magnificent Seven. We perceive other films similarly. There's a lot of good film music, if I should name someone, music by Zdenek Liska is consistently good.”
“We play happy self ethno which we mix with brass music, world music does not really describe us well. Our relationship to film is positive, and we have also participated in shooting several films, such as Lunacy by Svankmajer, Close to Heaven, Boredom in Brno. In general, we like films by the Coen brothers and Tim Burton. As for film music, apart from world composers such as Morricone and Badalamenti, we enjoy the work of Honza Muchow, Michal Pavlicek, and especially Zdenek Liska. He's a phenomenal composer.”
23:50 Dj Camel Caramel
Geographically probably the most colourful evening will bring sounds and songs from all regions and continents of this planet.
25.3.2015 - ROCK AND ROLL FEST
20:00 Jegr
“Our music is a mix of everything; harder stuff with an alternative tinge – slightly unorthodox. We really appreciate cinema, and our favourite films include Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, and Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet. As for film music, we must name Ennio Morricone and Trent Reznor and especially his soundtrack for Natural Born Killers.”
21:30 Moonshine Howlers
Moonshine Howlers
“Our music combines elements of rockabilly, punk, and country, but it would probably be defined as Outlaw Country abroad. It's certainly music that will drag you to the dance floor, it cannot be listened to standing still. We love films, we grew up with Czech classics such as Homolkovi, but now, we’ve succumbed to B-list horrors, the lamest ones such as The Toxic Avenger and Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero. By the way, O Brother, Where Art Thou? by the Coen brothers directly inspired us to start the band.”
“Our music is colourful, entertaining, almost hypnotic. We're not really cinema nerds, but we've seen a few films. In the band, we can agree on Cop or Hood and other stuff with Belmondo – Animal and The Man from Acapulco. As for film music, we certainly must point out the excellent Ennio Morricone and Vladimir Cosma, and film music of French films of the 1970’s in general.”
23:50 DJ Smrtící koktejl
The musical cocktail that will be mixed will be really very energetic, with a higher content of sharp guitars and thundering drums.
26.3.2015 - PUNK FEST
20:00 Criminal Colection
Criminal Colection
“We play punk rock, which is a mix of hard and fast music with melodic vocals. We sometimes try to digress to complete pop; nevertheless, we are faithful to the style we play and which defines us. As for the lyrics, they are usually inspired by life, they relate to specific issues that make us angry. We strive for the lyrics not to be utterly stupid and express a clear opinion. We really appreciate cinema as well, and the essential films are those from our childhood – Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Home Alone, Toy Story, and probably everything by Alfred Hitchcock. Surprisingly, our favourite music film composer is John Williams.”
21:30 zakázanÝ ovoce
zakázanÝ ovoce
“Our music sounds like ‘Fruit'n'roll’ and our relationship to film is very positive. A good film is better than a bad prostitute. Our favourite films include those directed by Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, and Quentin Tarantino. For film music, we prefer Ennio Morricone.”
“Our music is exactly the type we love. It is a mix of different genres because we listen to a wide range of music and bands. Each of us enjoys a good film in the evening. We love comedies the most; the stupider, the better. But we also enjoy a good horror film or drama. Some examples are Dumb and Dumber, Saving Private Ryan, The Mask, The Traveller, and many others.”
23:50 DJ Tchitchiman
This evening's DJ will certainly not play any Frank Sinatra, Bonney M or Milli Vanilli despite his very punk-like approach to music selection.
27.3.2015 - SKA FEST
20:00 Cirkus Problem
Cirkus Problem
“We are a bunch of punk clowns who have established a musical circus which combines Balkan brass music, disco beats, and cheap pop, which causes parties we don't even remember, with dancing till the wee morning hours. One member of our band has never been to a cinema, and maybe he's never even seen a film. Otherwise, we really like films. The best film music is what we compose. If some director, who might be out of his mind, chooses it for their film, we would feel terrible pressure. And since there are also educated people among us, we would like to compliment the work by Messrs. Elfman, Williams, Morricone, Shore, and as for the Czech composers, we have a lot of respect for Mr. Hapka up there.”
21:30 Discoballs
“We play third wave ska with influences of soul and punk energy. Typical brass melodies, a guitar which flies from two-tone tempo to HC, a groovy disco bass, uncompromising drums, and the singer's beautiful voice above all that. Film means relaxation and escape from reality for us. Relaxation, and sometimes a heavy moment that we contemplate long after. In the band, we agree on Amelie and Tim Burton's films. A really significant soundtrack and film is American Beauty. An awesome film with great music for a melancholy mood.”
“We play a colourful concoction of reggae, punk, ska, rock, and pop, with our own character all spiced up with merry, funny lyrics and an energetic show. We like good film, documentaries and musical films. There was a film made about our band, Tourbus Daemon, directed by a distinguished artist, Enrik Bistika. A video for our single Tanga received three Europan awards at festivals of animated film in Germany, Portugal, and Italy. Our favourite films include The Loners, Trainspotting, Black Cat White Cat, The Life of Brian, Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Forrest Gump, American Beauty, Pink Floyd – The Wall, Buena Vista Social Club, and The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday.”
23:50 DJ Buqi
The swaying rhythms of Jamaica will be the main focus of this evening, and the occasional slow reggae tempo can be used for example to roll a ball of yarn.
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