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The distinctive experimental debut, In the Crosswind, was directed by Estonian Martti Helde. He studied photographs and documents of the period, and staged his film about the deportation of people from the Baltic to gulags in 13 stylistically refined images. Australian Aaron Wilson directed a very different war film. His debut, Canopy focuses on the psychology of a pilot who finds himself in the middle of a rain forest when his aircraft is shot down. The soundtrack of the film is truly worth noting. The desire to examine and bend film language is still strong in the icon of artistic cinema, Tsai Ming Liang.
You can experience a true adventure with Stray Dogs, where the main protagonist lives in a metropolis that does not offer comfortable living conditions. Asian cinema is very popular with viewers. The filmography of Takeshi Miike includes all possible genres. Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji, an action comedy, completes the Against the Tide section with humour, entertainment, and a bizarre plot. A completely different feeling is evoked by the films of the French directing comedy duo, Gustave Kervern and Benoît Délépine. In their latest film, Near Death Experience, we can admire their nonconventional topic once again, but it would be very difficult to find any humour in this movie.
Each year, this section includes films that are considered an experiment with form. The little-big Iranian film, 316, does away with actors and shows only their shoes, and as the political events in the country transform, so do the shoes moving around the main protagonist. A narrator's voice also accompanies the viewers in a documentary portrait of an admirer of the African continent, N-The Madness of Reason, directed by Peter Krüger. The line between documentary and fiction is erased in the French mix of the genres of thriller, Western, and noir. It describes a fifteen-year-old boy from a Romany family’s struggle between crime and faith in Eat Your Bones. We are presenting the Quebec director Stephan Lafleur for the second time at Febiofest. You're Sleeping, Nicole, a black-and-white study of one girl's summer, does not bring any dramatic twists. It convincingly builds the atmosphere and lets the viewer enjoy a story close to them in a slow tempo.
316 / 316 / 316 (Iran) Director: Payman Haghani (Upstream )
Canopy / Canopy / Kryt (Australia, Singapore) Director: Aaron Wilson (Upstream )
Eat Your Bones / Mange tes morts / Táhni do pekel (France) Director: Jean-Charles Hue (Upstream )
In The Crosswind / Risttuules / Ve větru (Estonia) Director: Martti Helde (Upstream )
Near Death Experience / Near Death Experience / Prožitek blízké smrti (France) Director: Benoit Delepine, Gustave Kervern (Upstream )
Siciliana / Siciliana / Siciliana (Czech Republic) Director: Jan Wolf (Upstream )
Stray Dogs / Jiao you / Toulaví psi (Taiwan, France) Director: Tsai Ming Liang (Upstream )
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