Two Shots Fired / Dos disparos / Dva výstřely

Martín Rejtman
Director: Martín Rejtman
Cast list: Rafael Federman, Susana Pampín, Benjamín Coehlo, Camila Fabbri, Manuela Martelli, María Inés Sancerni
Screenplay: Martín Rejtman
Director of Photography: Lucio Bonelli
Editor: Martín Mainoli
Music: Diego Vainer
Producer: Ruda Cine
Distribution: Ruda Cine
Rights: Ruda Cine
Country: Argentina
Year: 2014
Running time (min.): 104
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: At first sight, Mariano is a typical teenager. One day, he returns home after dancing all night at a club. He deals with his chores and then finds an old gun in the shed. He has no better idea than to bring it to his room and shoot himself twice, once in the head and once in the stomach. He survives, and he returns to the routine of his life after an unspecified period of time. Two Shots Fired is a tragicomedy focusing on the absurdity and folly of everyday problems. The most prominent topic pervading the film is thus the unexpected character of life without the need to understand it perfectly.
Awards and Nominations:
Locarno IFF 2014 – In Competition

Two Shots Fired Two Shots Fired Two Shots Fired Two Shots Fired
with support of
Instituto Cervantes de Praga
Instituto Cervantes de Praga
20.03.2015 / 19:30 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 3, Rádio Impuls     buy ticket Add to My Program
21.03.2015 / 17:00 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 3, Rádio Impuls     buy ticket Add to My Program
22.03.2015 / 11:15 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 3, Rádio Impuls     buy ticket Add to My Program
31.03.2015 / 20:00 České Budějovice |CineStar České Budějovice, # 3     buy ticket Add to My Program
03.04.2015 / 17:30 Liberec |CineStar Liberec, # 1     buy ticket Add to My Program
11.04.2015 / 17:30 Karlovy Vary |Kino Drahomíra Add to My Program
15.04.2015 / 20:00 Jihlava |CineStar Jihlava, # 4     buy ticket Add to My Program
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