10. 3. 2014

An exhibition of sculptures by Michal Trpák will accompany Febiofest

For the seventh year an exhibition of sculpture will be an integral part of Febiofest. So, if you have time before a movie at this year’s Febiofest or you’re just close by, definitely come and have a look at Michal Trpák’s works that will be in front of Cinestar Anděl cinema from March 20th to 28th.

Every year the festival’s art director Tomáš Padevět chooses interesting sculptors or artistic blacksmiths who present their works in front of the Cinestar Anděl multiplex. This year, he chose a young artist, Michael Trpák from České Budějovice.

Michal Trpák

Michal Trpák is a Czech sculptor whose sculptures and paintings decorate private collections and public spaces not only in the Czech Republic (České Budějovice and Prague), but also in Germany, Canada, France and Russia. 

On the way to inspiration…
Michal Trpák is not only enthusiastic sculptor, but also an avid sportsman and traveler. He visits remote corners of the world as Kamchatka, Alaska and the Himalayas, or sinks into the depths of the seas and lakes to gain new inspiration and to be pulled away from the hectic European way of life.

It all started in České Budejovice ...
Michal Trpák was born in České Budejovice in 1982. His art studies began at the School of Applied Arts in Český Krumlov, in the field Stone sculpture. In 2001, he was admitted to the Academy of Arts in Prague in the studio of Professor J. Beránek. During his studies he spent a year on an internship in Lahti, Finland, and Vancouver, Canada and graduated in 2007. In 2012, he completed his doctoral studies at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, under the leadership of Professor B. Jirků. 

... and it also remained in Budějovice

Michal Trpák lives and works in České Budějovice nowadays. In addition, he is the organizer and curator of the sculpture exhibition, Art In the City, which, in 2013, took place, for the sixth time in the streets of České Budějovice.

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