24. 2. 2014

Opening Night at Febiofest will feature “Only Lovers Left Alive” and “Walesa: Man of Hope”

Febiofest kicks off on the 20th of March this year. The opening ceremony will take place in Cinestar Anděl in Prague and guests will view one of two films specially chosen for Opening Night. One film from Europe and the other from America. Both films will be on program later on during the festival week.

After the screening, guests will be invited to the Municipal House for a gala reception. In case you're wondering about how to get invited to the Gala, look here.

Only Lovers Left Alive
The American film, Only Lovers Left Alive, was made by one of the great indie directors, Jim Jarmusch. It's a retro romance about vampires. But it is far from the classic vampire cliché filled movie you are probably used to. Jarmusch’s humor is sincere and slightly cynical. The film reveals that vampires are just people who often face the same problems as we do, for example how to deal with depression.

Walesa: Man of Hope

The European film is a more serious story about the life of Poland's first democratic president, Lech Walesa. Walesa, the Polish equivalent of our president Václav Havel, spent time in prison and then worked for the fall of the totalitarian regime in Poland. He won the Nobel Peace Prize. The film shows Walesa, not only as a politician and the father of a democratic Poland, but also as a family man. The film was directed by the legendary director Andrzej Wajda who is the winner of numerous awards including an honorary Oscar and the Golden Palm at Cannes. Robert Więckiewicz, who plays the president, will be at Febiofest to introduce the film.

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