28. 3. 2014

Home - A Nordic romantic tragicomedy won the Febiofest Grand Prix

Ladies and gentlemen ... The winner of the Grand Prix at this year's Febiofest is Home, a Swedish-Icelandic film!

Its director, Maximilian Hult, will receive the Grand Prix at the Closing Ceremony tonight (March 28th, 2014) along with € 5,000 as a reward. Another € 5,000 will be given to promote the distribution of the film.

The prize will be handed to the winner by the honorary chairman of this year's jury, Oscar-winning costume designer, Mr. Theodor Pištěk and Mr. Jaroslava Jermanová from The Chamber of Deputies of Parliament of the Czech Republic.

11 jurors named the film as the winner on their ballots while 10 voted for it in second place and 3 jurors judged it 3rd. The jury praised the deeply human story, great acting and humor of the film. Among the views of jury evaluation, appeared these comments:

"Superbly rendered the characters that are very different and yet the director then connects them as a cure for loneliness."

"Precise and metered work with conventions. The romantic comedy, which was sensitive and funny as the main heroine.”

"Great civilian performances and quirky humor."

"Living film with an emphasis on the love between people and understanding the differences between people."

Not one of the 12 films in competition was without a point. At the 3rd prize goes to film Rock The Casbah (40 points), followed by Life Feels Good (71 points) and the first above mentioned Home got 88 points. Second and third place get special recognition.

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