14. 11. 2013

Finnish film Naked Harbour opened in Czech cinema

Naked Harbour

Finnish film Naked Harbour that was premiered on IFF Prague - Febiofest  2013 entered Czech screening halls. Come to see suggestive film about love, pain, hopeful and hopeless people of Helsinki. Film of Aki Louhimies, finnish guest of the festival in year 2013.

About the film:

Pertti is dealing with a weight problem and raising her son as a single parent. Sixteen-year-old Milla dreams of becoming a star. Aleksi's mother doesn't understand how important her son's dog is for him. Robert, the American, wants to experience the real Finnish winter. Walter is dealing with bullying, and Marika has just been given a serious diagnosis. Aki Louhimies uses suggestive camerawork and minimalist, yet bewitching piano music, to depict this patchwork of stories.

Pleae, note, that this film is in Finnish with Czech subtitles, so it is not "English Friendly".

Aku Louhimies @ Febiofest:

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