The Stolen Children / Il ladro di bambini

Gianni Amelio Director: Gianni Amelio
Cast list: Enrico Lo Verso, Valentina Scalici, Giuseppe Ieracitano, Florence Darel, Marina Golovine, Fabio Alessandrini, Agostino Zumbo, Vitalba Andrea
Screenplay: Gianni Amelio, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli
Director of Photography: Tonino Nardi, Renato Tafuri
Editor: Simona Paggi
Music: Franco Piersanti
Producer: Angelo Rizzoli Jr.
Distribution: Luce Cinecittá
Rights: Luce Cinecittá
Country: Italy, Switzerland, France
Year: 1992
Running time: 116
Presentation format: 35 mm
Language: Italian
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: Antonio is a young policeman who must deliver an eleven-year-old girl and her younger brother to a children's home after their mother forced the girl into prostitution and the government therefore intervened. At first detached and disappointed by both his life and work, the policeman unexpectedly starts to grow closer to the children on their long journey. The siblings don't know what love or trust is, and Antonio tries to show them as best as he can. His deeds clash with a wall of regulations that turn his attempted good deed into an ordinary crime. Lacking pathos, the emotional road movie with neorealist elements shows the possible joys of human existence that can be crushed by social conventions.
Awards and Nominations: Cannes IFF (1992) – Jury's Grand Prix, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury * David di Donatello Awards (1992) – Best Film, Best Director, Best Music, Best Editing, Best Producer * European Film Awards (1992) – Best Film
The Stolen Children The Stolen Children The Stolen Children The Stolen Children
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