Right On, Man! / Täältä tullaan, elämä!

Tapio Suominen Director: Tapio Suominen
Cast list: Esa Niemelä, Tony Holmström, Kati Outinen, Risto Piskunen, Pertti V. Reponen, Amirouche Haleyi, Jari Kähäri, Heikki Komulainen
Screenplay: Pekka Aine, Yrjö-Juhani Renvall
Director of Photography: Pekka Aine, Juha-Veli Äkräs
Editor: Tapio Suominen
Music: Pelle Miljoona, Maukka Perusjätkä
Producer: Tapio Suominen, Jorma K. Virtanen
Distribution: The Finnish Film Foundation
Rights: The Finnish Film Foundation
Country: Finland
Year: 1980
Running time: 118
Presentation format: 35 mm
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: Finland in the 1970s. Jussi is a rebelling teenager who attends a special class for problematic children, not because he's not clever enough, but because of his specific attitude towards rigid school rules. When he is expelled from school for his constant revolt, he decides to live on his own, without the incessant bullying and injustice. Yet what looked like a free, never-ending party soon turns into a drama from which even his budding love to his classmate, Lissy (Kati Outinen in her first film role), cannot save him. The realistic drama about the desire for freedom was directed by Finnish director Tapio Suminen in 1980.
Right On, Man! Right On, Man! Right On, Man!
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Velvyslanectví Finské republiky
Velvyslanectví Finské republiky
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