Frozen / Frozen

Chris  Buck Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Cast list: Tereza Martinková (Anna), Andrea Elsnerová dialogy,Monika Absolonová zpěv (Elsa), Miloslav König (Kristoff), Ondřej Brzobohatý (Hans), Václav Kopta (Olaf)
Screenplay: Jennifer Lee, Shane Morris
Director of Photography: Thomas Baker
Editor: Jeff Draheim
Music: Christophe Beck
Producer: John Lasseter
Distribution: Falcon
Rights: Falcon
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Running time: 109
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Czech
Movie synopsis: Fearless Anna, in the company of a rough mountaineer, Kristoff, sets out to find her sister Elsa, who is trapped by magic in the kingdom of Andarelle in eternal winter. Our protagonists must climb over the highest peaks, meet mythical trolls and reach their destination despite adverse elements before it's too late. The creators of Surf's Up (Chris Buck) and Wreck-It Ralph (Jennifer Lee) draw inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy-tales, and they've created a family film about a sisterly bond which overcomes even the unusual ice magic.

Frozen Frozen Frozen Frozen
26.03.2014 / 10:00 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 12, Barrandov Studio     buy ticket - ° English unfriendly
27.03.2014 / 09:30 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 11, Praha     buy ticket - ° English unfriendly
28.03.2014 / 09:30 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 11, Praha     buy ticket - ° English unfriendly
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