I Am Yours / Jeg er din

Iram Haq Director: Iram Haq
Cast list: Amrita Acharia, Ola Rapace, Prince Singh, Rabia Abid
Screenplay: Iram Haq
Director of Photography: Marek Septimus Wieser, Cecilie Semec
Editor: Anne Østerud, Janus Billeskov Jensen
Music: Even Vaa
Producer: Maria Ekerhovd
Distribution: Norwegian Film Institute
Rights: Norwegian Film Institute
Country: Norway
Year: 2013
Running time: 90
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Norwegian, Swedish, Urdu
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: Mina lives only with her little son and divides her life between castings for her dream role and looking for an ideal partner. But each unsuccessful casting and every dysfunctional relationship bury her hopes deeper. One day, she meets Swedish director, Jesper, and he might be the one. Or will he turn into yet another disappointment, as her mother predicted? It is very difficult to give love when you have never even received it. Feature debut of a talented singer, actress and director, Iram Haq, addresses not only family and partner relationships, but also the topic of Eastern emigrants in Scandinavian countries and the sense of uprooting.

I Am Yours I Am Yours I Am Yours I Am Yours
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