Concrete Night / Betoniyö

Pirjo Honkasalo Director: Pirjo Honkasalo
Cast list: Johannes Brotherus, Jari Virman, Juhan Ulfsak, Anneli Karppinen
Screenplay: Pirjo Honkasalo, Pirkko Saisio
Director of Photography: Peter Flinckenberg
Editor: Niels Pagh Andersen
Music: Frid & Frid
Producer: Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari
Distribution: BUFO
Rights: BUFO
Country: Finland, Sweden, Denmark
Year: 2013
Running time: 96
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: A number of serious existential questions are swirling in the head of Simo, a confused teenager. He gets the answers from his older brother, Ilkka, who is about to start a prison sentence. Ilkka is spending his last night of freedom with the younger brother, bestowing unwise advice on him. Apart from the heavy topic, the film surprises with its formal approach. The black-and-white picture plays with light and shadows, reflecting Simo's confusion in the windows of the concrete buildings. Pirjo Honkasalo¨s Finnish existential drama was based on Pirkko Saisio's novel and has won in six categories of Jussi Awards, including the Best Film award and Best Direction.
Awards and Nominations: Jussi Awards (2014) - Best Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Editing, Best Art Direction

Concrete Night Concrete Night Concrete Night Concrete Night
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Velvyslanectví Finské republiky
Velvyslanectví Finské republiky
26.03.2014 / 21:00 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 11, Praha     buy ticket
27.03.2014 / 18:30 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 11, Praha     buy ticket
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